Why the name “Bridges”

Our name reflects our vision as a church to build bridges across all boundaries – race, religion, culture, societal differences and to see people’s lives enriched to the highest level possible. Reconciliation is a word you get to hear around our place a bit. It means lives fixed up, re-connected and restored!
In the 1970s the Hamilton Assembly of God church planted an AOG church in Cambridge. The Cambridge AOG church was the forerunner of Bridges.

Where did the name come from?

In 2001 the church de-affiliated from the Assemblies of God, responding to a sense that the churches character was developing in ways that no longer ‘fitted’ with the denomination. It was at that point that the name Bridges was adopted. After 6 years as an independent church, in 2008 Bridges chose to become part of the LinkNZ network of churches, a grouping of churches throughout New Zealand who share a relational connection while retaining individual flavour and style.
From its early days, Bridges has been a church that uses the Bible as the foundation of faith. We value worshipping God highly, and place a lot of emphasis on this in our regular meetings. Individual and corporate prayer is a vital part of discerning Gods will for us, and moving forward as a church. We welcome the supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit in our church – from the salvation of people through faith in Christ, to the empowering that comes from baptism in the Holy Spirit, and the variety of supernatural manifestations He brings, we enjoy partnering with Him to be all that God wants us to be in Christ.

Bridges Values Connecting with others…

Since 2008 Bridges has formally been a part of LinkNZ, a relational network of church groups in Aotearoa. We participate financially and practically in its activities. Information about LinkNZ can be found at their website www.linknz.org.nz

LinkNZ is not a denominational ‘stream’ but rather a voluntary association of churches sharing relationships and common objectives.

As a participant in LinkNZ we get advice and support from other senior leaders and churches in the network – to date we have particularly benefited from a relationship with Fraser Hardy. There are a variety of events organised for LinkNZ churches that Bridges benefits from and participates in.

We seek input from LinkNZ senior leaders on significant decisions affecting the church. The Leadership Team values the wisdom and insight of LinkNZ senior leaders, and willingly shares in this connection with them. LinkNZ senior leaders are also available as an objective outside ‘voice’ to assist in matters should it ever be considered helpful.

Giving at Bridges

Giving from members of the congregation provides the bulk of the income that Bridges needs to operate. We do not hand offering bags around at church services, because we want to avoid people feeling that churches are only interested in them for their money. However, we do encourage people to give to the church – generosity of heart is a value we embrace as it is a key principle for individual freedom and release.

An offering box on the table by the office area is cleared every Sunday morning. Many people choose to give by direct credit into the church bank account.

As a charitable trust, the church is able to issue a ‘donation receipt’ for giving at the end of the tax year. Current legislation means you can now claim back a rebate of a third of your giving from the government (up to the amount of your earnings)

In case you are overcome by a sudden rush of generosity while reading this, our bank account details are: Synergy (Cambridge) Trust 03 1568 0207789 00

Please contact the church office for further information.