Bible & Treaty: Embracing the Past to Forge a Future
Examining our Christian heritage with Keith Newman

Saturday, May 15th
9am – 3pm at Bridges Church

This event is jointly hosted by NZCCA Waikato and Bridges Church.
The Bible and Te Tiriti o Waitangi are two documents that go hand in hand in the founding of our nation.  If the missionaries were pivotal in convincing Maori to sign the Treaty of Waiting, what role does the church have in seeing through that relationship today?

Session 1 – Bible & Treaty Beginnings – 1805-1840
Session 2 – Colonial Con or Chiefly Charter – 1840’s onwards
Session 3 – Treaty & Church – Facing the future
Session 4 – Personal reflection – application

Bring your own lunch. Tea and coffee provided.  
Cost $20

Please follow the attached link to register HERE

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